This is known as the basic E-Cig and is found in MANY MANY variations, colors, and sizes.  All of them are very similar from the "Blue E-Cig" and "Vuse" to the "Mark Ten."  Many start off using this device, then work their way up.  Some jump straight to the "big guys."  You can get these as disposable, rechargeable, and even where the case for them looks like a cigarette pack and will recharge the batteries while they're put away.

This device is most commonly known as a "pen" or "E-Pen."  It's the most commonly bought device for the absolute beginners and who are not planning on going for much more other than to quit all together.  But, you never know where that can take you!  These are available with different battery types, tanks, wicks/coils, tips, charging options and so on.  Upon using these, you now start working on learning your juice mixtures.  Balance your PG, VG, and Nic level is HIGHLY important!  The most common starting Nicotine level is 12mg for a pack a day smoker. Sometimes a little more, some times a little less. We NEVER recommend going over 24mg for your nicotine though!

Mechanical Mods (A.K.A. Mech-Mods) where BOOMING shortly after the E-Pen's became so popular. Allowing you to choose between 18650 (in the picture above) and 26650 which was about twice the size around as shown above.  These come in HUNDREDS of options, sizes, adjustments, looks, and many other variations.  But don't be fooled, these medium sized guys can REALLY pack up punch and curb that craving for those cigarettes.  But be aware, they are HIGHLY addicting when it starts to become a HOBBY!  Well, at least that's what we hear when people see our "work shops" where we love cleaning, building, and playing with out devices!  You can start using tanks AND drippers here.  Clones are VERY common and for the most part trustworthy.  Make sure if you buy a hybrid, you have the right 510 connecting and your connecting pin in your tank or "atty" are protruding enough to make full contact.  PLEASE visit a shop for safe and proper use training and information!  EDUCATION and KNOWLEDGE is KEY at this point. It WILL save your LIFE!!!  Never use cheap poor quality batteries, always place it in the right way to prevent explosions, and KEEP YOUR DEVICE CLEAN!  You will also need to invest in an "OHM Tester" for safe building if you decide to drip.

Box-Mods got their name from their typical shape, a box or square.  These are the "big guys."  You know you are now addicted to the hobby and life style more than the nicotine, if you've reached this point (in our PERSONAL OPINION!)  Which is a GREAT thing!  There are three common types of Box-Mods; Regulated, Un-Regulated, and Temp Control (Regulated).  Everything from the Mech-Mod's still apply here too.  AGAIN, GO TO A LOCAL SHOP! Speak to someone, watch tutorials, have someone teach you, BE SAFE!